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| interwiki = {{External|rs}}
|name = Autumn sq'irk
|image = [[File:Autumn sq'irk.png]]
|release = 12 February [[2007]]
|update = A sq'irk a day...
|members = Yes
|quest = No
|tradeable = No
|equipable = No
|stackable = No
|high = 0
|low = 0
|destroy = Drop
|store = No
|examine = A slightly sq'irky, I mean quirky, fruit.
|weight = 0
[[File:Autumn sq'irk detail.png|left|200px]]
'''Autumn sq'irks''' are obtained through the [[Sorceress's Garden]] [[minigame]]. They are picked off of the [[Sq'irk tree]] in the Autumn maze. Doing so gives you 50 [[Farming]] experience and teleports you to the fountain in the inner garden.
With 3 autumn sq'irks in your hand along with a [[pestle and mortar]] and an empty [[beer glass]] you can make an [[Autumn sq'irkjuice]] and gain 5 [[Cooking]] Experience.
[[Autumn sq'irkjuice]] gives 2,350 [[Thieving]] experience when given to [[Osman]].
[[Category:Minigame items]]

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