Ava's Odds and Ends is a store owned by Ava that can be accessed after completing Animal Magnetism. It is located in the western room of Draynor Manor, opened by searching the candle sconce. She does not sell Ava's device in the shop; players wishing to buy Ava's device can choose the Devices option.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Feather Feather 1,000 2 0 3
Feather pack Feather pack 100 260 80 Not sold
Iron arrow 5 Iron arrow 40 3 1 5
Steel arrow 5 Steel arrow 10 16 5 32
Iron arrowtips Iron arrowtips 30 2 0 9
Steel arrowtips Steel arrowtips 20 7 2 36

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