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{{Infobox shop
|name = Ava's Odds and Ends
|image = [[File:Ava's Odds and Ends.png|250px]]
|release = 12 December, 2006
|update = Animal Magnetism
|members = Yes
|location = [[Draynor Manor]]
|owner = [[Ava]]
|special = [[Arrows]] <br/> [[Fletching]] supplies
|icon = None
|map = [[File:Ava location.png]]
'''Ava's Odds and Ends''' is a store owned by [[Ava]] that can be accessed after completing [[Animal Magnetism]]. It is located in the western room of [[Draynor Manor]], opened by searching the candle sconce. She does not sell [[Ava's device]] in the shop; players wishing to buy Ava's device can choose the Devices option.
{{StoreLine|Name=Feather pack|Stock=100|Sell=260|Buy=80|gemw=no}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Iron arrow|Stock=40|Sell=3|Buy=1}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Steel arrow|Stock=10|Sell=16|Buy=5}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Iron arrowtips|Stock=30|Sell=2|Buy=0}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Steel arrowtips|Stock=20|Sell=7|Buy=2}}

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