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{{Infobox non-player character
|name = Avan
|image = [[File:Avan.png|120px]]
|release = 9 April [[2002]]
|update = New members quest online!
|race = [[Human]]
|members = Yes
|quest = [[Family Crest]]
|location = [[Al Kharid mine]]
|shop = No
|gender = Male
|examine = A well-dressed nobleman.
|map = [[File:Avan location.png]]
[[File:Avan chathead.png|left]]
The '''Man''' found in [[Al Kharid mine]] is a [[non-player character]] who plays a big role in the [[Family Crest]] [[Quests|quest]]. During the quest it is revealed that his real name is '''Avan Fitzharmon'''. After the quest, he can turn [[steel gauntlets]] into [[goldsmith gauntlets]]. This is free if players have not previously chosen an enchantment for the gauntlets, but if they have, it will cost 25,000 [[coins]]. The gloves boost the [[Smithing]] [[experience]] gained when smelting a [[gold ore]] into a [[gold bar]] from 22.5 to 56.25. This is a very popular way to train Smithing, since it is a good balance of cost and speed.
{{Family Crest}}

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