The awful anthem is a quest item used in the Throne of Miscellania quest. Players require a new anthem for Etceteria to replace the old one, which is the condition for the peace between Etceteria and Miscellania.

Players can obtain one from the want-to-be bard Prince Brand, the son of King Vargas. It is used to settle the war between Etceteria and Miscellania. The player must take the awful anthem to Advisor Ghrim who will then make a number of improvements to the song, turning it into a good anthem.

This then has to be taken to Queen Sigrid. It has darker colouring than the revised version.

After the quest, players can no longer get the Awful anthem.


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Awful anthem (link)
The awful anthem's music, which plays when obtaining the lyric sheet from Prince Brand.
Etceteria, Etceteria,
Oh what a great country it is,
Etceteria, Etceteria,
So I wrote a song about it.
It's somewhere in the sea, And it looks very nice, If it
weren't for your ancestors, It wouldn't be there at all,
And when things aren't going too well, We sing this
lovely song, and then we'll all feel so much better, It
won't take very long.

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