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| interwiki = {{External|rs}}
|name = Baby impling jar
|image = [[File:Baby impling jar.png]]
|release = 11 June [[2007]]
|update = Impetuous Impulses
|members = Yes
|quest = No
|tradeable = Yes
|equipable = No
|stackable = No
|high = 30
|low = 20
|destroy = If you drop this it will disappear. Are you sure you want to do this?
|store = No
|exchange = gemw
|examine = A baby impling in a jar. That's a bit cruel.
|weight = 2.2
A '''baby impling jar''' is the result of successfully catching a [[Baby impling]], while also having an empty [[impling jar]]. Baby impling jars are not that commonly looted because of the low value of the loot. Instead, the jar can be traded in singularly to [[Elnock Inquisitor]] for 3 empty impling jars. This allows the player to collect 3 more higher level implings for them to loot.
You can trade 3 of this jar, along with two [[young impling jar]]s and one [[Gourmet impling jar]] to Elnock for a vial of [[Imp repellent]].
{{DropsLine|Name=Ball of wool|Quantity=1|Rarity=Common}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Bucket of milk|Quantity=1|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Mud pie|Quantity=1|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Air talisman|Quantity=1|Rarity=Uncommon}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Silver bar|Quantity=1|Rarity=Rare}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Hard leather|Quantity=1|Rarity=Rare}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Soft clay|Quantity=1|Rarity=Rare}}
{{DropsLine|Name=Clue scroll (easy)|Quantity=1|Rarity=Rare|Raritynotes=<small>(1/100)</small>|gemw=No}}

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