The Lunar spell Bake Pie cooks uncooked pies in the player's inventory automatically, one by one, without the risk of burning them. However, in order to cook the pies, the player must have the minimum Cooking level required for the spell to actually work on the pie (boosts may be used). The usual Cooking experience is awarded for each pie baked with this spell. The quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell.

Once cast, Bake Pie will automatically cook each pie in the inventory. However, one set of runes (or one astral rune if a steam battlestaff or equivalent is used) is required for each pie.


Spell cost
4Water rune5Fire rune1Astral rune232
Combo runes
5Fire rune1Astral rune4Mud rune1,804
4Water rune1Astral rune5Lava rune227
4Water rune1Astral rune5Smoke rune572
1Astral rune5Steam rune682
5Fire rune1Astral rune4Mist rune612
5Fire rune1Astral runeStaff of water212
1Astral runeMud battlestaffTome of fire187
5Fire rune1Astral runeMist battlestaff212
5Fire rune1Astral runeKodai wand212
4Water rune1Astral runeTome of fire207
5Fire rune1Astral runeMud battlestaff212
4Water rune1Astral runeLava battlestaff207
1Astral runeSteam battlestaff187
1Astral runeMist battlestaffTome of fire187
1Astral runeKodai wandTome of fire187
4Water rune1Astral runeStaff of fire207
4Water rune1Astral runeSmoke battlestaff207
1Astral runeStaff of waterTome of fire187

Cost analysis

Item Materials Required Material Cost Profit/Loss
Uncooked berry pie Uncooked berry pie > Redberry pie 1Astral rune Uncooked berry pie 600 -477
Uncooked meat pie Uncooked meat pie > Meat pie 1Astral rune Uncooked meat pie 632 -544
Raw mud pie Raw mud pie > Mud pie 1Astral rune Raw mud pie 1,197 -264
Uncooked apple pie Uncooked apple pie > Apple pie 1Astral rune Uncooked apple pie 636 -453
Raw garden pie Raw garden pie > Garden pie 1Astral rune Raw garden pie 1,067 -841
Raw fish pie Raw fish pie > Fish pie 1Astral rune Raw fish pie 1,343 -1,283
Uncooked botanical pie Uncooked botanical pie > Botanical pie 1Astral rune Uncooked botanical pie 1,984 -965
Raw admiral pie Raw admiral pie > Admiral pie 1Astral rune Raw admiral pie 1,239 -1,077
Raw wild pie Raw wild pie > Wild pie 1Astral rune Raw wild pie 2,975 -2,173
Raw summer pie Raw summer pie > Summer pie 1Astral rune Raw summer pie 1,585 -642

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