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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
| interwiki = {{External|rs}}
|exchange = gemw
|name = Baked potato
|image = [[File:Baked potato.png]]
|members = Yes
|quest = No
|tradeable = Yes
|equipable = No
|stackable = No
|high = 2
|low = 1
|destroy = Drop
|store = No
|examine = It'd taste even better with some toppings.
|weight = 0.5
|release = 24 October [[2005]]
|update = Mogres, Lizards, Pet Fish, Potions and Potatoes!
[[File:Baked potato detail.png|left|130px]]
A '''baked potato''' is a [[food]] item that heals 4 hp and can be made with a [[Cooking]] level of 7. '''To make a baked potato, use a [[Raw potato]] with a [[range]]. If you use it on a [[fire]] then it will always burn'''. Making a baked potato gives 15 Cooking [[experience]]. This item can only be cooked on a members' world.
Using a potato with a different cooking method (like an open fire) will result in the potato being instantly burnt, unlike other range-only foods which say that player must cook it on a range.
To add toppings to a baked potato, you first have to add a [[pat of butter]] to make a [[potato with butter]]. After that you can add different toppings to make:
* [[Potato with cheese]]
* [[Chilli potato]]
* [[Egg potato]]
* [[Mushroom potato|Mushroom and onion potato]]
* [[Tuna potato]]
Due to players wanting to add toppings to potatoes it can be lucrative to sell [[Baking Potatoes|baked potatoes]] for gold.

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