Balloon toad

Balloon toad detail.png

A balloon toad is a quest item used during Recipe for Disaster, in the Skrach Uglogwee subquest. It is the bait used when hunting for jubblies in the Feldip Hills. It is made by using ogre bellows with swamp gas on a swamp toad, receiving a bloated toad. Then, while having a ball of wool and rock in the inventory, the player must use the bellows on the toad again to create the balloon.

Once a player has set the trap, if the jubbly eats it or it blows away, the player loses the frog and rock but keeps hold of the wool. There are two additional options of Release and Release-all which may be used to set the frogs free. Although there is a drop option, it is used for setting the trap, and may only be used in some areas of the Feldip Hills. Therefore, the release option must be used for disposing of the item.

Using a limestone rock to make the balloon toad will give a slightly different item than when using the rock found from earth elementals- the colours of the rock will be slightly different, but they are functionally equivalent.

Attempting to bank this item will generate the message "A magical force prevents you from banking this item."

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