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A bank note is a bank certificate that represents an item or stack items of the same type. It is equivalent to actual items, but cannot be used physically until exchanged for an object, in a bank.

All tradeable items can be 'noted' and 'unnoted' in a bank. This is useful for players who wish to trade large amounts of items at a time. They are also useful for training magic or simply converting the items into coins via the Low or High Level Alchemy spells.

Many, if not all, bank notes can be used on a banker or bank booth/chest to be unnoted quickly. Interestingly, unnoting items this way does not require your bank pin—this can be done by using the bank note on a bank booth and selecting the first option.


  • In Runescape Classic, you could only get certificates for a few selected items—the item can then only be "un-noted" by the shop of which it can be bought from.
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