A Banner is a wieldable item made on the banner easel, in a player-owned workshop. It may be made in any player's house and requires 48 Crafting, 1 regular plank, and 1 bolt of cloth. Piratical Banners are a reward from the Trouble Brewing minigame; these have various pirate crests on it.


Prior to creating a banner, the player must have a crest assigned by Sir Renitee, the herald on the second floor of the White Knights' Castle. The first crest assignment is random and free, however, the player may choose their own crest crest by paying the herald 5,000 coins, although most of the crests have requirements to obtain.

Crest Name Requirements Image
Arrav Shield of Arrav Banner (Arrav)
Asgarnia None Banner (Asgarnia)
Dorgeshuun The Lost Tribe Banner (Dorgeshuun)
Dragon Dragon Slayer Banner (Dragon)
Fairy Lost City Banner (Fairy)
Guthix 70+ Prayer Banner (Guthix)
H.A.M. None Banner (HAM)
Horse Toy horsey in inventory Banner (Horse)
Jogre None Banner (Jogre)
Kandarin None Banner (Kandarin)
Misthalin None Banner (Misthalin)
Money Costs 500,000 coins Banner (Money)
Saradomin 70+ Prayer Banner (Saradomin)
Skull Skulled Banner (Skull)
Varrock None Banner (Varrock)
Zamorak 70+ Prayer Banner (Zamorak)

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