Barbarian Training

Barbarian Training is a set of expansions to Firemaking icon.png Firemaking, Herblore icon.png Herblore, Fishing icon.png Fishing, and Smithing icon.png Smithing. This activity also provides access to the Placeholder.png Ancient Cavern and the numerous monsters within, such as the Mithril dragon.png Mithril dragon.

Otto Godblessed location.png

Otto Godblessed chathead.png Otto Godblessed, a barbarian interested in the cultural history of his people, will offer to teach eligible players about Barbarian skills.png Barbarian skills if a player speaks to him in Placeholder.png his grotto, on top of Placeholder.png Baxtorian Falls. Otto will begin training the player after he or she responds with, "You think so?". Players can get there quickly by using the Games necklace.png Games necklace teleport to the Placeholder.png Barbarian Outpost and running south. Alternatively, players can also use the Placeholder.png Barbarian Assault Placeholder.png minigame teleport, or run up directly from Placeholder.png East Ardougne and climb the cliff side of the waterfall to the plateau.

When you begin, you will receive a long book titled " Barbarian skills.png Barbarian Skills", which can be used to look back on what Otto has instructed you to do throughout the tasks. Later on, if you ask about the Placeholder.png Ancient Cavern under the lake, he will give a note book that is blank at first. You add to the note book as you find Ancient page.png ancient pages in the dungeon usually collected by searching skeletons on the cave floor. Be careful though, as a  Skeleton.png Skeleton (level 132) will sometimes attack you when you search them.


Barbarian Firemaking

Barbarian Fishing

  • 48 Fishing icon.png Fishing (55 to finish bare-handed fishing)

Barbarian Smithing

Barbarian Herblore




The activities

Barbarian Firemaking

Firstly, speak to Otto Godblessed chathead.png Otto, and ask about the barbarian Firemaking icon.png Firemaking skills; he will tell you to take a Placeholder.png bow and use it with oaken ( Placeholder.png oak) logs as a way of lighting them without a Tinderbox.png tinderbox. You can use any type of bow except Twisted bow.png twisted bows, Cursed goblin bow.png cursed goblin bows, Ogre bow.png ogre, Dark bow.png dark bows, Crystal bow.png crystal bows, and the Signed oak bow.png signed oak bow. Although lighting logs with a bow is fancier, it gives the same experience as lighting them with a tinderbox and is more click-intensive. After lighting your first logs, speak to Otto again to be able to continue.

Firemaking with a Bow
Logs Firemaking level needed Experience gained
Logs.png Normal 21 40
Achey tree logs.png Achey 21 40
Oak logs.png Oak 35 60
Willow logs.png Willow 50 90
Teak logs.png Teak 55 105
Arctic pine logs.png Arctic Pine 62 125
Maple logs.png Maple 65 135
Mahogany logs.png Mahogany 70 157.5
Yew logs.png Yew 80 202.5
Magic logs.png Magic 95 303.8
Redwood logs.png Redwood 99 350

Pyre ships

Pyre Ship chewed bones.gif
An Ancient Barbarian Spirit being laid to rest
Talk to Otto Godblessed chathead.png Otto after you completed an oak Barbarian skills.png bow fire. Otto will now explain the art of making a Placeholder.png pyre ship after doing the following.
  1. Tell him that your mind is ready for Firemaking icon.png Firemaking wisdom.
  2. Seek more answers, and ask him, "What follows this?"

You need to enter the Placeholder.png dungeon below the lake and fight the monsters within to obtain Chewed bones.png chewed bones or Mangled bones.png mangled bones to be used in constructing a pyre ship.

High-level Placeholder.png dragons will use a Magic icon.png magic-based attack on you immediately after descending the steps in the dungeon. Don't bring in anything you are not willing to lose.

When rummaging through barbarian skeletons found on the ground or killing the various barbarians within the cavern, you may find mangled bones. The only way to get chewed bones, however, is to kill Mithril dragon.png mithril dragons. Both chewed and mangled bones, in conjunction with any type of log, can be used on the burnt spaces (pyre sites), found scattered around the lake near Placeholder.png Otto's house, to make a pyre ship. Burning a pyre ship will grant the player an experience bonus of up to 300%, depending on the logs used, the next time they bury Bones.png bones.

Spirits released from chewed bones are benevolent and will give you Placeholder.png some items, including a slim chance for a Dragon full helm.png dragon full helm, while spirits released from mangled bones are Placeholder.png aggressive Ferocious barbarian spirit.png ferocious barbarian spirits. Please note that if you use mangled bones to make a pyre ship, you will be unable to make another pyre ship until you kill the spirit. If you attempt to make another one while a barbarian spirit is around, the sacrifice will be declined.

Completing the barbarian skills book requires burning chewed bones dropped by mithril dragons. Otherwise, the final paragraph of the section on Crafting icon.png crafting pyre ships will be missing, and page 21 of the book will be blank even if the rest of the training has been completed. You will also need to speak to Otto again after burning the bones.

Logs Firemaking/Crafting level required Crafting experience gained Firemaking experience gained Number of bones with enhanced XP rewards
Normal Logs.png 11 10 40 1
Achey Achey tree logs.png 11 10 40 1
Oak Oak logs.png 25 15 60 2
Willow Willow logs.png 40 22.5 90 2
Teak Teak logs.png 45 26.2 105 3
Arctic pine Arctic pine logs.png 52 31.2 125 3
Maple Maple logs.png 55 33.7 135 3
Mahogany Mahogany logs.png 60 39.3 157.5 4
Yew Yew logs.png 70 50.6 202.5 4
Magic Magic logs.png 85 75.9 303.8 5

Barbarian Fishing

Otto Godblessed chathead.png Otto will give the player information about Barbarian Fishing icon.png Fishing. To start this section of the training, the player must have a Fishing icon.png Fishing icon.png Fishing level of at least 48, an Agility icon.png Agility icon.png Agility level of 15, and a Strength icon.png Strength icon.png Strength level of at least 15.

There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Fishing: Barbarian rod.png heavy rod fishing and bare hand fishing.

Heavy Rod Fishing

Speak to Otto Godblessed chathead.png Otto and then ask about fishing rod methods. He will tell you that barbarians use stronger fishing rods to catch leaping fish in the lake nearby. Search under his bed and collect a heavy Barbarian rod.png barbarian rod; make sure to also have Fishing bait.png fishing bait or Feather.png feathers on you. Use the fishing spots around the lake and hook a leaping fish. The Cooking icon.png Cooking experience refers to the amount of experience received from successfully gutting the fish with a knife and obtaining Roe.png roe or Caviar.png caviar as well as a good chance of obtaining Fish offcuts.png fishing offcuts, which can be used as bait for this fishing method. Roe and caviar can also be used as bait if there are no feathers, offcuts, or fishing bait in the player's inventory.

To use the barbarian rod, you don't need to do anything other than obtain the rod from Otto's bed. Find a world with people power-fishing (drops will not appear immediately after hopping), collect some fish, and cut them using a Knife.png knife to get some bait. Rapidly using the knife on the bottom-right fish in the inventory will gut all fish of that type very quickly, and is faster than manually dropping them if not using Windows Mousekeys. However, in order to keep fishing relatively uninterrupted, the number of fish offcuts in the inventory must be at most equal to the number of empty inventory spaces after all the fish have been gutted.

Heavy Rod Fishing
Fish Image Fishing level required Strength/Agility levels required Fishing experience gained Strength/Agility experience gained Cooking experience gained from cutting
Leaping Trout Leaping trout.png 48 15 50 5 10
Leaping Salmon Leaping salmon.png 58 30 70 6 10

Leaping sturgeon

Leaping sturgeon.png 70 45 80 7 15

Bare-Handed Fishing

Speak to Otto Godblessed chathead.png Otto Godblessed about the barbarian Fishing icon.png Fishing methods; he will talk to you about catching fish with your arms instead of a harpoon. Level 55 Fishing is required to do this part of the training. To fish bare-handed, you do not have to retrieve Mangled bones.png mangled or Chewed bones.png chewed bones from the Placeholder.png Ancient Cavern, or burn a pyre during the Placeholder.png Firemaking section of the training; you only must have lit a fire with the bow method.

Go to an area where you can harpoon Swordfish.png swordfish, Tuna.png tuna or Shark.png sharks; the Placeholder.png Fishing Guild and Placeholder.png Catherby are good choices. You may also wish to use an Amulet of glory.png Amulet of glory to teleport to Placeholder.png Karamja. Click on the harpoon spot as you would normally, but without a harpoon equipped or in your inventory, and you will catch a fish using your fingers as bait!

Fishing barehanded is just as fast as fishing normally with a harpoon, but it provides small amounts of bonus Strength icon.png Strength experience (see the table below); however, it takes a significantly higher level to fish this way.

Bare-Handed Fishing
Fish Image Fishing level required Strength level required

Fishing experience gained

Strength experience gained

Tuna Raw tuna.png 55 35 80 8
Swordfish Raw swordfish.png 70 50 100 10
Shark Raw shark.png 96 76 110 11

Barbarian Smithing

You must bring two sets of Placeholder.png bars and two Logs.png logs to complete the Smithing icon.png Smithing portion, not just one!

To begin Barbarian Smithing, the player must have finished Placeholder.png Barbarian Fishing. They must also have completed the Placeholder.png Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest and have level 5 Smithing icon.png Smithing icon.png Smithing. To create and wield a Placeholder.png hasta, you do not have to retrieve Mangled bones.png mangled or Chewed bones.png chewed bones from the Placeholder.png Ancient Cavern, or thereoff burn a pyre during the Placeholder.png Firemaking section of the training; you only must have lit a fire with the bow method. If Otto says, "You do not exude the presence of one who has poured his soul into manufacturing spears," it means that you need to smith a spear on the anvil near his hut first.

There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Smithing: Placeholder.png Spear smithing and Placeholder.png Hasta smithing.


The first part of Barbarian Smithing a player will learn is about how to make Placeholder.png spears. You will need a Hammer.png hammer, a metal Placeholder.png bar and some corresponding Logs.png logs, and use them on the barbarian anvil near Placeholder.png Otto's house. Once you've made the spear, talk to Otto Godblessed chathead.png Otto again, and he will tell you about Placeholder.png hastae.


Forging Placeholder.png hastae is exactly the same. Take a metal Placeholder.png bar and the corresponding Logs.png logs, and then use them on the barbarian anvil. Next, talk to Otto Godblessed chathead.png Otto again, and your Barbarian Smithing is completed.

A table of the spears and hastae that you can make, as well as the logs and bars needed is found below:

Spears & Hasta Wood required Smithing icon.png level required Smithing icon.png experience gained
Bronze hasta.png Bronze hasta Logs.png Logs 5 25
Bronze spear.png Bronze spear
Iron hasta.png Iron hasta Oak logs.png Oak 20 50
Iron spear.png Iron spear
Steel hasta.png Steel hasta Willow logs.png Willow logs 35 75
Steel spear.png Steel spear
Mithril hasta.png Mithril hasta Maple logs.png Maple logs 55 100
Mithril spear.png Mithril spear
Adamant hasta.png Adamant hasta Yew logs.png Yew logs 75 125
Adamant spear.png Adamant spear
Rune hasta.png Rune hasta Magic logs.png Magic logs 90 150
Rune spear.png Rune spear
Zamorakian hasta.png Zamorakian hasta


Zamorakian spear.png Zamorakian spear


  1. Otto can convert your Zamorakian hasta back into a spear, free of charge.
  2. You only need to pay Otto 300,000 coins in order to convert a Zamorakian spear into a Zamorakian hasta.

Barbarian Herblore

Before learning this section, the player needs at least level 4 Herblore icon.png Herblore icon.png Herblore. Seek more answers, and select the first option. Talk to Otto Godblessed chathead.png Otto to learn about barbarian Placeholder.png potion-making after you completed Placeholder.png Barbarian Smithing. You will be asked to make an Attack mix(1).png Attack mix from a Attack potion(1).png Attack potion (2 doses).

Add the Roe.png roe you obtained during Placeholder.png Barbarian Fishing to the normal two-dose attack potion and hand it back to Otto. Your training is now completed.

After finishing this training stage, many other potions can be enhanced by adding roe or Caviar.png caviar to a two-dose variant of the potions. The Barbarian Herblore skill, through the creation of 'mixes', allows ordinary potions to not only heal 3-6 Hitpoints icon.png Hitpoints but also to provide the regular benefits of that potion, though each potion mix can have at most two doses.

Enhancing potions

First, the player must have a two-dose vial of a particular potion. To make 2 two-dose potions from a four-dose potion, the player can just use the four-dose potion on an empty Vial.png vial or have certain Placeholder.png NPCs do it for you. The player must then add either some Roe.png roe or Caviar.png caviar to the two-dose potion, which will create a mix. Note that Roe.png roe cannot be used in mixes higher levelled than the Restore mix(1).png Stat restore mix; any higher level mix requires Caviar.png caviar. When the mix is consumed, it will not only grant the regular benefits but it will also heal 3 Hitpoints icon.png Hitpoints ( Restore mix(1).png restore mix and lower) or 6 Hitpoints ( Energy mix(1).png energy mix and higher). Mixes therefore count as food, and drinking them will interrupt combat in the same way as eating food does.

Left-clicking will not work for Barbarian Herblore, and each mix must be created manually. The best way to avoid accidentally consuming the fish eggs is to position them in the bottom row of the inventory so that one can select the "use" option right after right-clicking without moving the cursor.

Potion Image Herblore Level Required Experience gained Eggs used
Attack mix Attack mix(2).png 4 8 Roe.png Roe or Caviar.png Caviar
Antipoison mix Antipoison mix(2).png 6 12 Roe.png Roe or Caviar.png Caviar
Relicym's mix Relicym's mix(2).png 9 14 Roe.png Roe or Caviar.png Caviar
Strength mix Strength mix(2).png 14 17 Roe.png Roe or Caviar.png Caviar
Restore mix Restore mix(2).png 24 21 Roe.png Roe or Caviar.png Caviar
Energy mix Energy mix(2).png 29 23 Caviar.png Caviar
Defence mix Defence mix(2).png 33 25 Caviar.png Caviar
Agility mix Agility mix(2).png 37 27 Caviar.png Caviar
Combat mix Combat mix(2).png 40 28 Caviar.png Caviar
Prayer mix Prayer mix(2).png 42 29 Caviar.png Caviar
Superattack mix Superattack mix(2).png 47 33 Caviar.png Caviar
Anti-poison supermix Anti-poison supermix(2).png 51 35 Caviar.png Caviar
Fishing mix Fishing mix(2).png 53 38 Caviar.png Caviar
Super energy mix Super energy mix(2).png 56 39 Caviar.png Caviar
Hunting mix Hunting mix(2).png 58 40 Caviar.png Caviar
Super str. mix Super str. mix(2).png 59 42 Caviar.png Caviar
Magic essence mix Magic essence mix(2).png 61 43 Caviar.png Caviar
Super restore mix Super restore mix(2).png 67 48 Caviar.png Caviar
Super def. mix Super def. mix(2).png 71 50 Caviar.png Caviar
Antidote+ mix Antidote+ mix(2).png 74 52 Caviar.png Caviar
Antifire mix Antifire mix(2).png 75 53 Caviar.png Caviar
Ranging mix Ranging mix(2).png 80 54 Caviar.png Caviar
Magic mix Magic mix(2).png 83 57 Caviar.png Caviar
Zamorak mix Zamorak mix(2).png 85 58 Caviar.png Caviar
Stamina mix Stamina mix(2).png 86 60 Caviar.png Caviar
Extended antifire mix Extended antifire mix(2).png 91 61 Caviar.png Caviar
Super antifire mix Super antifire mix(2).png 98 70 Caviar.png Caviar
Extended super antifire mix Extended super antifire mix(2).png 99 78 Caviar.png Caviar
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