Barbarian guard chathead

The Barbarian guard doesn't let anyone in the Barbarian Outpost unless they first complete the Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl miniquest. Unlike many other barbarians, this one cannot be attacked. He is located right by the gate of the Barbarian Outpost.

Players who have completed Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl will be able to learn how to automatically smash vials upon drinking the last dose of potions by speaking to him.

The Barbarian guard is one of the five NPCs in the Barbarian Outpost. The Barcrawl allows access to the Barbarian Outpost agility course. This agility course can be trained on at level 35 Agility. In addition to having an agility course, the Barbarian Outpost is where players can play the Barbarian Assault minigame.

To reach the guard, teleport to the Barbarian Outpost by either buying or making a games necklace. A games necklace can be bought on the Grand Exchange costing around 838 coins, or can be made by casting the spell Lvl-1 Enchant on a sapphire necklace, requiring one water rune and one cosmic rune. Rub it and teleport to the Barbarian Outpost, then run around until you see a barbarian with downwards-facing horns in his helmet, holding a big axe. You can also use the Lunar spellbook Barbarian Teleport, or Tele Group Barbarian which will place you near him.


  • Upon completion of Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl, the player will attempt to show the Barbarian guard their Barcrawl card, however, the guard cannot read and simply replies "I never learned to read, but you look like you've drunk plenty."

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