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The Barman is a NPC found in the King's Axe Inn, a hotel and tavern located on the wealthy west side of Keldagrim. The Barman can be found on the inn's ground floor, where he services guests visiting the establishment.

As the King's Axe Inn is the most up-scale pub in Keldagrim, the Barman is accommodating to guests and very knowledgeable about the various alcohols consumed by the dwarves of Keldagrim. The Barman is responsible for overseeing the activity on the Inn's ground floor, although he is not the only employee seen in the establishment; an Inn Keeper can be found on the first floor of the Inn, which serves as a small hotel for paying guests.

Players visiting the King's Axe Inn can purchase three drinks from the Barman: a standard beer for 1 coin, a dwarven stout for 2 coins, and a jug of wine for 10 coins.

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