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A mounted basilisk head can be built in the head trophy hotspot of the Skill Hall in a player-owned house. Upon building it, players will receive 243 Construction experience and 343 Slayer experience.

Players can only get the stuffed basilisk head by killing Basilisks, requiring 40 Slayer, until they drop a basilisk head. Players must then take the head to the Taxidermist in Canifis, who will stuff it for 4,000 coins. Once mounted however, the head cannot be reclaimed. If players remove the mounted head, they will receive nothing back. Jagex has stated that this is because mounting the head rewards Slayer experience, and they did not want players to be able to train slayer by removing and remounting the basilisk head.


Another player's POH

  • Basilisk: What do you want?
  • Player: Oh, er, nothing!

In your POH

  • Basilisk: What do you want?
  • Player: I want to mock you.
    • Basilisk: All right. Go on then.
    • Player: You're a smelly slime-loving basilisk! (This insult will be randomized.)
    • Basilisk: I'm going back to sleep.
  • Player: I want to apologise for killing you.
    • Basilisk: Go on then.
    • Player: I'm, um, very sorry I killed you.
    • Basilisk: Really sorry?
      • Player: No, not really!
        • Basilisk: I don't care.
      • Player: Yes really!
        • Basilisk: Really really?
        • Player: Yes, really really!
          • Basilisk: Fat lot of good that does, I'm still dead.
          • Player: I'm not THAT sorry.
            • Basilisk: I don't care.
          • Player: Will you forgive me?
            • Basilisk: Of course I'll forgive you!
            • Player: Really?
            • Basilisk: No!
          • Player: I promise not to do it again.
            • Basilisk: Of course you won't do it again, you can only kill me once.
            • Player: That's why I won't do it again! There'd be no point!
              • Basilisk: I don't care.
            • Player: But I won't do it to other basilisks!
              • Basilisk: Really?
              • Player: Yes, really!
                • Basilisk: All right then. Apology accepted. Now leave me alone.
              • Player: No, not really!
                • Basilisk: I don't care.
              • Player: Don't start that again!
                • Basilisk: Leave me alone then.
        • Player: Don't push it!
          • Basilisk: I don't care anyway.
  • Player: I just wanted to check that you're okay.
    • Basilisk: Apart from being dead and stuffed and hanging on a wall, you mean?
    • Player: Uh... yeah, apart from that are you okay?
    • Basilisk: Actually there's something blocking my view of the far wall.
    • Player: I don't see anything.
    • Basilisk: Perhaps if you were to move to one side of me.
    • You walk to the side of the basilisk head...
    • Player: I still don't see anything.
    • Basilisk: Oh, it's moved away. I can see now.
  • Player: Nothing.
    • Basilisk: Leave me alone.