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Bear your Soul is the second miniquest exclusive to Old School RuneScape, which was introduced in the May 19, 2016 update. It involves the player searching for a damaged ancient artefact that is mentioned in a book.

During the miniquest, players will require a spade and a method to reach Cerberus' Lair within the Taverley Dungeon. Thus, players need a dusty key if they do not have at least level 70 in Agility. Alternatively, players who have Key master teleports can teleport directly to Cerberus' Lair.

Start point Quest point icon Find a book called Soul journey in the Arceuus House Library.
Official difficulty
Description None
Length Medium (lots of walking)
Requirements None
Items required


Enemies to defeat None


Arceuus House map

The Arceuus House Library is found in the north-west section of the House.

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