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This article is about the Fremennik drink. For the regular beer, see Beer.

Beer tankard detail.png

A beer tankard is an alcoholic beverage, and like most alcoholic beverages in RuneScape, it will increase a player's Strength level temporarily whilst reducing their Attack level. This item is obtained in the Fremennik area, by using an empty tankard on a tapped barrel (both of which are easily found in Rellekka.)

Players can buy a tankard of beer from Thora the Barkeep in the Rellekka Longhall Bar for 26 coins, or take the tankard which respawns within the longhall. If you attempt to take this one, Manni the Reveller will tell you to get your hands off his beer, unless you have started The Fremennik Trials.

After drinking the beer, the message reads "You quaff the beer. You feel slightly reinvigorated... but very dizzy too". The tankard is larger than a beer glass so therefore contains more beer. When emptied the player will have drunk a larger amount of beer, reducing their Attack level by 9, and raising Strength by 4.