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BigRedJapan chathead.png

BigRedJapan is an NPC that appears at the end of some of the Rooftop Agility Courses. It is an NPC modelled on the player who designed the agility courses.

Whenever a player makes use of the final obstacle of a Rooftop Course, he will perform the Wave emote just before the player jumps off the roof to the ground.


  • Upon release, he would say "PDC Roof Top Agility - Designed by BigRedJapan". Due to player complaints, Jagex changed this so that he would simply perform the wave emote instead.
  • The NPC wears a rogue armour variant. The dark shaded parts that the armour normally has, is somewhat blue shaded on this NPC.
  • He could be found in Prifddinas during the first birthday event. His chathead did not have a beard.