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|10 May 2015
|10 May 2015
|Outside the entrance of the [[Legends' Guild]] east of [[Ardougne]]
|Outside the entrance of the [[Legends' Guild]] north-east of [[Ardougne]]

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Big Mo is a travelling salesman and businessman overseas. He is located in a random location each day, and is only available during May 2015. Once per day during May, he will offer you a clue scroll for 50 coins. The tier of clue scroll is random each day but the chance of getting a selected clue increase with each clue.

Each day at midnight (00:00) GMT, Big Mo will move to a new location. His location is hinted by the official Old School RuneScape Twitter feed.


Date Twitter hint Location
1 May 2015 N/A Varrock Square
2 May 2015 Rajj has kept him waiting for quite some time now. Top floor in Al Kharid Palace
3 May 2015 Travel is tiring. If only benches were made to fit a man of Mo's size. North of Jatix's Herblore Shop in Taverley
4 May 2015 Do people from these parts always take their platelegs off for a brew? Inside the Fight Arena Bar in the south-western corner of the Fight Arena
5 May 2015 Just north of Ash, lad! Inside the Rellekka Longhall Bar in the centre of Rellekka
6 May 2015 It seems Big Mo is trying to get his hands on a rare sort of egg. He'll have a job getting one out of that place. Inside the Barbarian Assault minigame building at the Barbarian Outpost
7 May 2015 This is definitely not the place for a man of Big Mo's size. Maybe he could help fend off the wolves, though. At the bar inside the passage under White Wolf Mountain (Fishing Contest required)
8 May 2015 A pick-lock option on a coffin? How very dark. At Jiggig entrance, south of Castle Wars (Zogre Flesh Eaters not required)
9 May 2015 Looks like Big Mo is interested in a stabbie chucker. It is not for freeness, though. At Rantz, east of the Feldip Hills (Fairy Ring AKS)
10 May 2015 N/A Outside the entrance of the Legends' Guild north-east of Ardougne


  • Big Mo mentions he is from a distant land beyond Karamja, this could possibly be a reference to the new expansion scheduled to be released in Old School RuneScape called Zeah.
  • Big Mo has a younger brother, Little Mo.

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