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Big Mo is a travelling salesman and businessman overseas. He is located in a random location each day, and is only available during May 2015. Once per day during May, he will offer you a clue scroll for 50 coins. The tier of clue scroll is random each day but the chance of getting a selected clue increase with each clue.

Each day at midnight (00:00) GMT, Big Mo will move to a new location. His location is hinted by the official Old School RuneScape Twitter feed.


Date Twitter hint Location
14 May N/A At the docks of Catherby
13 May There is gnome way they are winning. South-east section of the Khazard Battlefield, west of the Ardougne Monastery
12 May Don't just do something! Stand there! Next to Captain Lawgof at the Coal Trucks, north-west of the Fishing Guild (Ardougne)
11 May For a town with so much crime you would think that the docks would have more security. At the docks, near Captain Barnaby, south of East Ardougne
10 May You need to have a defence level of 20 to equip this gate. Outside the entrance of the Legends' Guild north-east of East Ardougne (Fairy Ring BLR)
9 May Looks like Big Mo is interested in a stabbie chucker. It is not for freeness, though. At Rantz, east of the Feldip Hills (Fairy Ring AKS)
8 May A pick-lock option on a coffin? How very dark. At Jiggig entrance, south of Castle Wars (Zogre Flesh Eaters not required)
7 May This is definitely not the place for a man of Big Mo's size. Maybe he could help fend off the wolves, though. At the bar inside the passage under White Wolf Mountain (Fishing Contest required)
6 May It seems Big Mo is trying to get his hands on a rare sort of egg. He'll have a job getting one out of that place. Inside the Barbarian Assault minigame building at the Barbarian Outpost
5 May Just north of Ash, lad! Inside the Rellekka Longhall Bar in the centre of Rellekka
4 May Do people from these parts always take their platelegs off for a brew? Inside the Fight Arena Bar in the south-western corner of the Fight Arena
3 May Travel is tiring. If only benches were made to fit a man of Mo's size. North of Jatix's Herblore Shop in Taverley
2 May Rajj has kept him waiting for quite some time now. Top floor in Al Kharid Palace
1 May N/A Varrock Square


  • Big Mo mentions he is from a distant land beyond Karamja. Jagex Moderators confirmed on a weekly Q&A livestream that Big Mo is in fact from Zeah.
  • Big Mo has a younger brother, Little Mo.

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