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The Big Book O' Bangs is a book obtained from Lord Iorwerth and used in the Regicide quest. It is safe to dispose of after the quest.

The name of the author of this book, Mel Achy, is an anagram of alchemy.


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"In this book I will try to cover all the explosive reactions I witnessed on my travels. Let us start with one of the more simple reactions, one I’m sure you have seen yourself."

"When mining, certain gases are released. Once these gases aer mixed with the air it only takes a small spark to ignite them. Unfortunately the result is uncontrollable."

"In the far east I found a recipe for a mix they called fire oil. This fire oil has an explosive capability but also it sticks to anything it touches and burns."


Quick Lime.

This is a highly caustic compound and is created by the endothermic reaction of limestone.


Known as yellow crystals. Odourless, insoluble and brittle as a solid. But as gas quite toxic, preventing respiration.


A colourless, flammable solvent. One of the more volatile fractions of the fractional distillation of coal tar.


Great care must be taken when mixing this. The brimstone, naphtha and quicklime may be mixed at any time, but only light it at the last second. The tricky thing is a delivery method. A naked flame is required to ignite the concoction, the problem being that the resulting explosion will cover the area in hot sticky fire. The last bang in my list comes from a secret recipe digging compound based on nitroglycerin. I have seen the results but could not discover the ingredients. I’m told that the secret of this dig compound can be found out by becoming an archaeologist.


  • When the book is open, its title above is "Big Book o' Bangs," however, the item itself is named "Big book of bangs."
  • Can be found again on bookshelf in POH study.
  • This book is possibly a reference to "The Big Bang", a postulated theory of the origin of the universe.

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