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Tan Brown

A Billy Goat is a larger version of a goat, and is found in most of the same places. There are brown and tan coloured billy goats, but serve no difference in combat.


Location Goats Billy goats
South-east of the Shantay Pass, north of Pollnivneach 4 0
North of Sophanem, east of the quest start point for Icthlarin's Little Helper 5 0
West of Nardah Bank 3 1
North-west edge of Nardah, south of fairy ring code DLQ 2 1
North-west of Uzer, near the mine 4 1
South-west of the entrance to the Kalphite Lair, near fairy ring code BIQ 5 1


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Bones.png Bones 1 Always 89
Desert goat horn.png Desert goat horn 1 Always 90

Note that after completing the easy set of the Desert Diary, the desert horn will always be dropped as a note rather than the actual item.


Their examine text is "They'll eat anything!", a reference to the urban legend that goats will eat anything.