Bird snares are available from the Hunter supply stores in Yanille and Nardah. These snares require no bait. They are set in Hunter areas to catch the various birds of Runescape. Snaring birds always provides bones, raw bird meat, and feathers to be used in fishing or fletching.

Bird Snare States

There are three differend kind of states a Bird Snare can fall intoBi.

The first state, is the waiting state. While the Bird Snare is in that state, all you can do is to wait until the Bird Snare either failes to catch a bird or succes.

Bird Snare waiting

Bird Snare State: Waiting

The second state, is the failed state. The Bird Snare falls into that state, when the Bird Snare failed to catch the Bird. While its in the failed state, the Bird Snare is not anymore able to catch a Bird, and the Trap must be rebuilt.

Bird Snare failed

Bird Snare State: failed

The third state, is the success state. When the Trap finally caught a Bird, the Trap falls into the success state and can be collected. When you collect your Bird, the Trap will automatically land in your Inventory and can be rebuilt.

Bird Snare success

Bird Snare State: Succsess

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