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The black mask is a unique mask worn in the head slot. The mask has the same stats as a black med helm. It provides a player 16.67%[1] Attack and Strength boosts against all monsters on the player's current Slayer task. It requires 20 Strength, 10 Defence, and 40 Combat to equip.

The black mask is a rare drop from Cave horrors, which many people kill as black masks are highly valuable. However, killing them requires 58 Slayer and the completion of Cabin Fever, which deters many players from killing them.

When dropped by Cave horrors, the mask has 10 charges that will be discharged to monsters at random. These charges reduce the opponent's Defence by 3-10 levels. Once the mask has been drained of all 10 charges, there is no way to recharge it; however, the Attack and Strength boosts still remain.

For 1,250,000 Nightmare Zone points, players can upgrade a black mask to a Black mask (i). A Black mask with charges (1-10) may also be imbued.

Players may craft a black mask and other Slayer items into a Slayer helmet, provided they have acquired the ability to make the helmets.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Cave horror 80 1 4; Rare (1/512)


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