Black mask detail
Black mask chathead

The Black mask (i) is an upgraded version of the Black mask. The Black mask can be imbued into a Black mask (i) through playing the Nightmare Zone minigame. It costs 1,250,000 points to imbue. The imbued Black mask can also be used to create an imbued Slayer helmet.

This version of the Black mask provides:

The old Black mask bonuses of:

Plus the addition of:

  • 15% bonus to Ranged accuracy and Strength.
  • 15% bonus to Magic accuracy and Magic damage.
  • +0 Magic and +0 Ranged attack bonus instead of negative bonuses.

If lost on death in pvp situations, the mask will lose its imbued status, and the player will have to obtain the Nightmare Zone points to imbue it again.


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