Bloody grimoire detail

The bloody grimoire is an old book that can be found in the Slepe Dungeon. It can only be obtained by using the Telekinetic Grab spell to reach it.


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An evil has swept into our lands and we have been called to protect the weak, but we are vastly outnumbered. The healing came easy when my belief wasn't waning, when our lands were not beset by the beauitful rot of chaos. The undead horde have magics and morals well beyond ours, they drain the life from their victims and embrace the darkness that heals them of their wounds, while the light of Saradomin forbids us of such heinous acts.

We stand beaten, bloody and bruised from another conflict with the enemy, their ferocity knowing no bounds as we pile the dead by the dozen onto the carts. Amongst the dead I found a version of the Senntisten Scriptures, mostly damaged beyond recognition, but I got enough to understand the basics of blood magic.

I have found it! By using blood with various potions, I've managed to bind together the offensive and defensive properties. Early protoypes were harmful to ingest, but that no longer seems to be an issue.

Bastion Potion
A Strong mix of ranged and defence, perfect for an archer in a rough situation.
- 1 pint blood, boiling.
- Sprig of Cadantine, cleaned.
- 2 pints Zamorakian wine.
Note: Recent victories have provided us with copious crates of this unholy liquor, the sweet taste has been... difficult to resist.

Battlemage Potion
A bright mix of magic and defence, perfect for a wizard in a tough situation.
- 1 pint blood, boiling.
- Sprig of Cadantine, cleaned.
- 1 potato cactus.
Note: Potato cactus stock alarmingly low, shipments from the Kharidian desert have been lacking as of late.

Totality Potion
An overload of everything, but not too much to cause harm to one's innards.
- Reduce down a potion of super combat,
- Reduce down a potion of range,
- Reduce down a potion of magic,
- 1 pint blood, boiling.
- Sprig of Torstol, cleaned.
Note: Unstable, currently too dangerous to make, let alone drink.

Vigour Potion
A faihhful comination of piety and stamina.
- 1 pint blood, boiling.
- Sprig of Torstol, cleaned.
- Amylase crystals.
Note: Ingredients ran out before results were satisfactory, something is missing.


  • The entries on the totality potion and vigour potion are references to two of the potions that failed the Theatre of Blood poll.
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