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Bob Barter is one of the Market Price Guides located in the south-west corner of the Grand Exchange. If right clicked he can show you the current market price of various herbs and potions.

Bob appears to be poor, garbed in unwashed clothing. However, he is actually a wealthy merchant from East Ardougne. By pretending to be poor, he is able to more easily manipulate the businesses and individuals he trades and deals with.

Players can talk to him to have him combine potions (noted or unnoted) in the player's inventory into vials containing a player-specified (1-4) number of doses. If the player does not have enough vials in his or her inventory to do so, Bob will automatically sell the player the needed vials at the current Grand Exchange price plus 2 coins each. He will also accept noted potions and vials for decanting. Bob will also combine barbarian potions, olive oil, sacred oil, and calquat kegs.


  • Bob's name is a play on Bob Barker, the name of the former host of the game show The Price is Right, and the word "barter."
  • If the player has both noted and unnoted potions, Bob will decant both types at once but separately; he will not decant noted and unnoted potions into one product.
  • When asking him for prices on an F2P world, the prices for herbs are listed, but the herbs' names are not displayed - they are all called "Members object."
  • While decanting potions, Bob says, "Two plus two is four, minus one that's three..." This is a reference to the song "Man's Not Hot" by Big Shaq.