Bologa's blessing detail

Bologa's blessing is an item that can only be purchased from Farmer Gricoller's Tithe Farm shop for 1 point per blessing. The blessing allows players to pick Zamorak's grapes instead of grapes from the Vinery, consuming one blessing per grape picked.

Before being able to purchase blessings from Gricoller, player must pay 75,000 coins to Bologa, his youngest granddaughter, while wearing an item affiliated with Zamorak. Bologa's blessing requires level 50 Prayer to unlock and use.

The blessing is invented by Bologa, who explains that as the grapes are severed from the stem, it creates a brief moment of vulnerability where the unholy power from the blessing can infest it with Zamorakian magic. However, she also adds that this volatile, chaotic power makes players more likely to get a smaller harvest of grapes.

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