His descendant is Golrie. He is particularly interested in elven artefacts and magic.


Bolrie was once king of the Tree Gnome Village late in the Fourth Age. Upon the death of King Healthorg, Bolrie campaigned to be the new king of the Tree Gnome Stronghold against Healthorg's son, Argenthorg. During the campaign, Bolrie allowed his adviser to place illusions of human food on Argenthorg's dinner table. Bolrie then confronted Argenthorg, claiming that he preferred humans over gnomes and trying to discredit him. Argenthorg panicked and ordered Yewnock to activate his illusion-detecting machine, which revealed Bolrie's advisor to be Glouphrie.

Once Glouphrie was revealed, Bolrie was accused as being his accomplice and put to shame. Bolrie stood down as candidate and left the Gnome lands.

Determined to exact revenge upon Glouphrie, he went west in search of Arposandra. He was injured in the mountains, but the elves of Lletya rescued him and gave him a cave to live and study in. For years, he experimented with devices to dispel illusions in hopes of discovering the hidden entrance to Arposandra, until he was eventually caught and held prisoner there.


Nothing is known of the parents of Bolrie and his younger brother, King Bolren. Yet, the following is their family tree.

Bolren (brother)
Gena (wife) †
Belmondo (son-in-law)
Golrana (daughter)
Golrie (grandson)
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