Bolt tips are a members-only item used to create gem-tipped bolts. Bolt tips are made through Fletching skill by cutting gems with chisel.

ImageGemFletching levelExperience Tips created
Opal bolt tips 5Opal111.6 12
Jade bolt tips 5Jade262.4 12
Pearl bolt tips 5Pearl413.2 6 (24 if using oyster pearls)
Topaz bolt tips 5Red topaz484 12
Sapphire bolt tips 5Sapphire564 12
Emerald bolt tips 5Emerald585.5 12
Ruby bolt tips 5Ruby636 12
Diamond bolt tips 5Diamond657 12
Dragonstone bolt tips 5Dragonstone718.2 12
Onyx bolt tips 5Onyx739.4 24

Amethyst bolt tips are unique in that they have a Crafting requirement to make them instead of a Fletching requirement like other bolt tips. These bolt tips may only be attached to broad bolts to create amethyst broad bolts.


Gem Crafting level


Tips created
Amethyst bolt tips 5 Amethyst 83 60 15
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