Bone bolts detail.png

Bone bolts are ammunition that can be bought after completion of The Lost Tribe quest. They can only be used with the Dorgeshuun c'bow, a popular choice for training ranged due to its faster speed than regular crossbows. Bone bolts give slightly higher ranged strength than iron bolts, which are otherwise the highest level bolts that can be used with the Dorgeshuun crossbow. They can be purchased from Nardok's Bone Weapons in the Dorgeshuun mines for 3 coins each at maximum stock (1000 units), but the price quickly rises, becoming 9 gp at only 900 units and continuing to rise from there, up to a maximum of 18 coins. A bone bolt pack containing 100 bolts can also be purchased from the same shop for 350 coins. Bone bolts cannot be made with any skill.

Their ranged strength is identical to that of rune arrows, though the Dorgeshuun crossbow is not as fast or accurate as the yew or magic shortbows. Still, bone bolts are popular since they are significantly more powerful than any other ammunition that can be obtained for the same price.

Despite not being magnetic, bone bolts do function with Ava's devices.

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