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This article is about the tablet. For the spell, see Bones to Peaches.
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Bones to peaches tablets are items that can be used by any player to change normal bones or big bones into peaches. These are popular to use instead of casting Bones to Peaches with runes, because many players have not bought the spell from the Mage Training Arena and these tablets take up fewer inventory spaces than the runes. These are useful when killing monsters like bloodveld which drop multiple bones at a time, and during activities like Barrows and God Wars Dungeon where food is in short supply but bones are abundant.

Players can create these on a mahogany demon lectern (requiring 67 Construction) in the Study of a Player-owned house with 2 nature runes, 4 earth runes, 4 water runes, and 1 soft clay, at least level 60 Magic, and Bones to Peaches unlocked from the Mage Training Arena. Elemental staves can be used to make tablets, so using a mud battlestaff, staff of earth, or staff of water can make this more cost-effective. Making the tablet grants 35.5 Magic experience.

This tablet can be made regardless of the player's current spellbook, but requires the player to have unlocked the spell from the Mage Training Arena. Using the tablet has no requirements, but does not give any experience.

You cannot use the tablet to count as the cast needed for the Lumbridge & Draynor Diary.