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Book interface

The typical interface that appears when reading a book. Some interfaces may appear slightly different, such as the title bar on the top being removed, or the bookmark in the centre missing.

Reading a book

A player reading a book.

Books are items obtained in quests and elsewhere in RuneScape. Most books can be read by players, which provides information ranging from lore to information on game mechanics.

When a player reads a book, their game screen will largely be covered by an interface displaying the contents of the book, and their character will be seen reading a green (sometimes yellow) book.

Books in bookcase

Bookcases are built in the Parlour, Quest Hall or Study of a player-owned house. All of the bookcases will contain the same books. Bookcases have the ability to save bank space, because they automatically store most books from previously completed quests and other miscellaneous books.

There are currently a total of 98 books that can be stored in a bookcase, and are stored in the following order:

Item name Name in bookcase Source
Construction guide Construction guide Guide to Construction Bookcase
Game book Game book Party Pete's Bumper Book of Games Bookcase
Security book Security book RuneScape Account Security General store
Stronghold notes Stronghold notes Stronghold of Security - Notes Searching Solztun's corpse in the Stronghold of Security
Abyssal book Abyssal book Abyssal Research Notes Speaking to the Mage of Zamorak after completing Enter the Abyss
Gianne's cook book Gianne's cook book Gianne's Cook Book Speaking to Aluft Gianne snr.
Cocktail guide Cocktail guide The Blurberry Cocktail Guide Speaking to Blurberry
Queen help book Queen help book Queen Help (from Barbarian Assault) Select The Final Battle tutorial with Captain Cain at Barbarian Assault
Diary (Witch's House) Diary Witch's Diary Witch's House quest
Instruction manual Instruction manual Dwarf Multicannon Manual Dwarf Cannon quest
Book on chemicals Book on chemicals Chemistry book from the Dig Site library The Dig Site quest
Battered book Battered book Book of the Elemental Shield Elemental Workshop I quest
Varmen's notes Varmen's notes Notes from Varmen's expedition to Uzer The Golem quest
Goblin symbol book Goblin symbol book A History of the Goblin Race The Lost Tribe quest
Translation Translation Four Diamonds translation Desert Treasure quest
Translation book Translation book Gnome-English Translation Dictionary The Grand Tree quest
Glough's journal Glough's journal Glough's Journal The Grand Tree quest
Journal (Horror from the Deep) Journal Jossik's Diary (from the Lighthouse) Horror from the Deep quest
Diary (Horror from the Deep) Diary Ancient Diary (from the Lighthouse) Horror from the Deep quest
Manual Manual Lighthouse Manual Horror from the Deep quest
Shamans tome Shamans tome Shaman's Tome Legends' Quest
Binding book Binding book Book of Binding Legends' Quest
Ghrim's book Ghrim's book Managing Thine Kingdom for Noobes Speaking to Advisor Ghrim after completing Throne of Miscellania
Astronomy book Astronomy book Astronomy Book Table in the building north of the Observatory
Old journal Old journal The Journal of Randas Underground Pass quest
History of iban History of iban The Tale of Iban Underground Pass quest
Big book of bangs Big book of bangs Big Book o' Bangs Regicide quest
Cadarn lineage Cadarn lineage The Cadarn Lineage Roving Elves quest
Crystal of seren Crystal of seren Crystal Singing for Beginners Speaking to Ilfeen after completing Roving Elves
Diary (Shades of Mort'ton) Diary Diary of Herbi Flax Shades of Mort'ton quest
Book (Shield of Arrav) Book The Shield of Arrav Shield of Arrav quest
Guide book Guide book Tourist Guide to Ardougne Table in the estate agent's building in East Ardougne
Book on baxtorian Book on baxtorian Book on Baxtorian (The Missing Relics) Waterfall Quest
Dwarven lore Dwarven lore The Arzinian Being of Bordanzan Between a Rock... quest
Embalming manual Embalming manual The Little Book of Embalming Icthlarin's Little Helper quest
Demonic tome Demonic tome The Confession of Ellemar Shadow of the Storm quest
Crumbling tome Crumbling tome Legend of the Brothers Table in the building just outside the Barrows
Book (Ratpits) Book The Ratpits Manual Speaking to Felkrash after completing Ratcatchers
Edern's journal Edern's journal Journal of Nissyen Edern Mourning's Ends Part II quest
Prifddinas' history Prifddinas' history The Creation of Prifddinas Bookcases in Lletya
Eastern discovery Eastern discovery Exploration of the Eastern Realm Bookcases in Lletya
Eastern settlement Eastern settlement Settlement of the East Bookcases in Lletya
The great divide The great divide The Great Divide Bookcases in Lletya
Journal (Making History) Journal Drozal's Journal Making History quest
Moonclan manual Moonclan manual Basics of Magic (from Lunar Isle) Baba Yaga's Magic Shop
Herman's book Herman's book Dionysius: A Legend in His Own Lifetime Herman's desk in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Pie recipe book Pie recipe book Pie Recipe Book Pie Shop
Book o' piracy Book o' piracy Book o' Piracy Cabin Fever quest
Brewin' guide Brewin' guide Brewin' Guide Trouble Brewing waiting lobby
Burnt diary Burnt diary Armod's Burnt Diary Royal Trouble quest
Arena book Arena book Mage Training Arena Lore Book Rewards Guardian
Sin'keth's diary Sin'keth's diary Sin'keth's journal What Lies Below quest
Dagon'hai history Dagon'hai history The Fall of the Dagon'hai What Lies Below quest
Tarn's diary Tarn's diary The Diary of Tarn Razorlor The Lair of Tarn Razorlor miniquest
Bird book Bird book William Oddity's Guide to the Avian Eagles' Peak quest
Feathered journal Feathered journal The Journal of Arthur Artimus Eagles' Peak quest
Farming manual Farming manual Farmer Gricoller's Farming Manual My Arm's Big Adventure quest
Prayer book Prayer book Prayer of Deliverance from Poisons The Great Brain Robbery quest
Beaten book Beaten book Book of the Elemental Helm Elemental Workshop II quest
A handwritten book A handwritten book Crystal Singing for Beginners (trans. Oaknock) The Eyes of Glouphrie quest
Battered tome Battered tome Histories of Hallowland In Aid of the Myreque quest
Leather book Leather book Modern Day Morytania In Aid of the Myreque quest
Ancient book Ancient book The Sleeping Seven In Aid of the Myreque quest
Clockwork book Clockwork book Clockwork Toys - A Clockwork Mechanism, Chapter 1.0 Cold War quest
Goblin book Goblin book The Book of the Big High War God Goblins
My notes My notes Records from my discoveries beneath the lake Barbarian Training
Explorer's notes Explorer's notes Memoirs of a Dwarven Explorer Keldagrim library
Glassblowing book Glassblowing book Glassblowing Book Table in the building north of the Observatory
Entomologist's diary Entomologist's diary Diary of Buggie the Entomologist Buggie's corpse in the Kalphite Cave
Ohn's diary Ohn's diary Ohn's Diary A crate east of High Priestess Zul-Harcinqa in Zul-Andra
Overseer's book Overseer's book Overseer's book Abyssal Nexus after having The Overseer create an abyssal bludgeon
Book of spyology Book of spyology Book of Spyology Monkey Madness II quest
Creature keeper's journal Creature keeper's journal Creature Keeper's Journal Searching the creature keeper in the Chambers of Xeric
Nistirio's manifesto Nistirio's manifesto Manifesto of Vasa Nistirio Defeating Vasa Nistirio
Tekton's journal Tekton's journal Tekton's journal Defeating Tekton
Transdimensional notes Transdimensional notes Notes on Transdimentional Travel Defeating Vespula
Vanguard judgement Vanguard judgement Judgement of the Vanguard Defeating the Vanguard
Dark journal Dark journal Dark journal Defeating the Great Olm
Houndmaster's diary Houndmaster's diary Houndmaster's Diary Defeating the muttadiles
Fossil island note book Fossil island note book Fossil Island Notebook Bone Voyage quest
Archaeologist's diary Archaeologist's diary The Diary of Charles Charlington Charles Charlington in the Tar Swamp
Ancient diary Ancient diary Ancient Diary Bottom floor of the House on the Hill
Varlamore envoy Varlamore envoy The Envoy to Varlamore The Depths of Despair quest
Aivas' diary Aivas' diary Diary of Aivas Dragon Slayer II quest
Malumac's journal Malumac's journal Malumac's Journal South-west corner of the Karamjan Temple
Ablenkian's escape Ablenkian's escape Ablenkian's Escape Myths' Guild Library
Imcandoria's fall Imcandoria's fall The Fall of Imcandoria Myths' Guild Library
Imafore's betrayal Imafore's betrayal Imafore's Betrayal Myths' Guild Library
Lutwidge and the moonfly Lutwidge and the moonfly Lutwidge and the Moonfly Myths' Guild Library
Serafina Serafina The Tale of Serafina Myths' Guild Library
The weeping The weeping The Weeping Myths' Guild Library
Old diary Old diary Old Diary A Taste of Hope quest, search the bed in Serafina's home
Serafina's diary Serafina's diary Serafina's Diary Grand bookshelves in Verzik Vitur's treasure vault
The butcher The butcher The Butcher Grand bookshelves in Verzik Vitur's treasure vault
Arachnids of vampyrium Arachnids of vampyrium Arachnids of Vampyrium Grand bookshelves in Verzik Vitur's treasure vault
The shadow realm The shadow realm The Shadow Realm Grand bookshelves in Verzik Vitur's treasure vault
The wild hunt The wild hunt The Wild Hunt Grand bookshelves in Verzik Vitur's treasure vault
Verzik vitur - patient record Verzik vitur - patient record Verzik Vitur - Patient Record Grand bookshelves in Verzik Vitur's treasure vault
Weiss fire notes Weiss fire notes Odd Mushroom's Notes Given by Snowflake during Making Friends with My Arm

Inventory-only books

Having these books in your inventory, and using them on the bookcase gives this message: There doesn't seem to be space for that on the bookcase.

Missing books

Some books obtained during certain quests do not appear in the bookcase:

Unreadable books

Some books are unreadable and cannot be taken in the inventory. Some examples follow:

  • From Wizards' Tower library, ground floor. Upon searching the bookcase: There's a large selection of books, the majority of which look fairly old. Some very strange names... You pick one at random:
    • The Life & Times of a Thingummywut by Traiborn the Wizard
    • Wind Strike for Beginners
    • Life With a Wizard Husband ~ a Housewife's Story
    • The Dark Arts of Magical Wands
    • So You Think You're a Mage? Volume 28
    • Fire, Earth and Water ~ What's it all About?
    • How to become the Ultimate Wizard of the Universe
    • 101 Ways to Impress Your Mates with Magic
      Interesting... - Only the titles of the books are mentioned, and the books have no image and cannot be read.
  • There are 2 stacks of books outside Nickolaus' tent in the Hunter Woodland area north-west of Eagles' Peak. Upon examining: These books stacked very neatly.
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