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The Book on baxtorian can be found in the Tourist Information Centre just south of the Baxtorian Falls. In it is a brief history on Baxtorian, his treasure, and the reason he hid himself away beneath the waterfall, as well as a lot of useful hints and information concerning how a player might get in to retrieve the treasure.

The book is used in the Waterfall Quest and after finding the book it can be found on the shelves in a player-owned house.


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The missing relics

Many artefacts of elven history were lost after the fourth age, following the departure of the elven colonies from these lands. The greatest loss to our collections of elf history were the hidden treasures of Baxtorian, specifically the rumoured Chalice of Eternity. Some believe these treasures are still unclaimed, but it is more commonly believed that dwarf miners recovered the treasure early in the 5th Age.

Another great loss was Glarial’s pebble, a key which allowed her family to visit her tomb. The pebble was taken by a gnome many years ago. It is hoped that descendants of that gnome may still have the pebble hidden in their cave under the Tree Gnome Village. Unfortunately the maze around that village makes it difficult to contact the gnomes to investigate this matter.

The fall of Baxtorian

The love between Baxtorian and Glarial was said to have lasted over a century. They lived a peaceful life learning and teaching the laws of nature.When their homeland in the far west was plunged into chaos by dark forces, Baxtorian left on a dangerous campaign that lasted for five years. He survived to return to this land, but found his people slaughtered and his wife taken by the enemy.

After years of searching for his love he finally gave up and returned to the home he made for Glarial under the Baxtorian Waterfall. Once he entered he never returned.Only he and Glarial had the power to enter the waterfall. Since Baxtorian entered, no-one else can follow him in, it’s as if the powers of nature still work to protect his peace.