Bookcases are built in a player-owned house using the Construction skill. Bookcases can be built in the Parlour, Quest Hall, or Study of the house.

There are 3 types of bookcases which can be built in the bookcase hotspot:

Bookcase Image Level Materials Experience
Wooden bookcase Wooden bookcase icon.png 4 4 Planks, 4 nails 115
Oak bookcase Oak bookcase icon.png 29 3 Oak planks 180
Mahogany bookcase Mahogany bookcase icon.png 40 3 Mahogany planks 420

Bookcases can store and provide an unlimited supply of quest-related and other books. Bookcases automatically contain these books; players do not need to fetch their books from the bank to store them in their bookcase(s).

It should be noted that even if you obtain a book, a quest might have to be done to find it in your bookcase. An example of this is The Great Divide, as it requires the completion of Mourning's End Part 1 to be stored.

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