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Broodoo shield (orange) detail.png

Orange broodoo shields are a special member's only shield. It can be created with 35 Crafting by using a hammer on an orange tribal mask with two snakeskins and eight nails in your inventory, granting 100 Crafting experience. The shield requires 25 Defence and 25 Magic to wear. When created, the shield comes with 10 charges.

Broodoo shields have a passive effect when used in combat, similar to the black mask; it has a 10% chance of draining an opponent's strength stat by 1, and then 5% of their remaining total. The chance for the ability to occur happens whenever an enemy attacks the player adjacently. The enemy must still have over half of its hitpoints and its skills must be at the base levels for them to be affected.

The number following the name of the broodoo shield represents the number of charges left on the shield, starting at 10. Every time the special attack is used, this amount will decrease by one. There is no way to recharge the shield after the charges have been depleted, but it does not affect the shield or its defensive bonuses once they are all used.