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Brown Engine Director chathead.png

The Brown Engine Director is the leader of The Brown Engine Mining Company, one of the eight companies that form the Consortium that governs the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim.

As a director, it is his job to ensure not only that his company is properly managed, but also that Keldagrim is governed well, while paying particular attention to the city's booming economy.

During The Giant Dwarf, players may join the Brown Engine Mining Company. However, only male players can join his company. To do this, they must first do a series of item-retrieval tasks for the Brown Engine Secretary, and then do a series of tasks for the director. If they join the company, the director's head will be featured atop the statue that stands on the River Kelda.


  • If the player changes his gender from male to female at the Makeover mage, the Brown Engine Director will comment either "Hello, Player name, are you trying to get in touch with your female side?" or "Hello there! You're looking a little feminine today, Player name!"