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A bucket of milk is an item used primarily in Cooking. It is also used to feed kittens. If fed to a hellcat, it will turn back into a normal cat.

A bucket of milk is a vital ingredient in making cakes (and, by extension, chocolate cakes). It is also needed to make Choc saturdays in gnome cooking.

Players can turn a bucket of milk into chocolatey milk by adding chocolate dust. They can add the milk to nettle tea. Depending on their Cooking level, members can use a dairy churn to turn a bucket of milk into a pot of cream, a pat of butter, or a wheel of cheese.

A bucket of milk is required in the Skippy and the Mogres miniquest.

Obtaining buckets of milk

Players can use a bucket on a dairy cow to gain a bucket of milk, or simply click on the dairy cow when they have at least one empty bucket in their inventory.

Members can gain a bucket of milk from any type of larder in the kitchen of their player-owned house.

A bucket of milk spawns in a hut in the eastern part of Rellekka.

It is also possible to buy buckets of milk for 12 coins from Hudo, on the 1st floor[?] of the Grand Tree, or from the Culinaromancer's Chest (stock of 50 if you've completed Recipe for Disaster) for 12 coins.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Baby impling N/A (hunter) 1 3; Uncommon
Imp 2; 7 1 5; Very rare