Bucket of sandworms detail

A bucket of sandworm is obtained by digging sandworm castings north of Tynan's Fishing Supplies, granting 10 experience in Hunter. While digging sandworm castings, players may fail to find any sandworms, resulting in a bucket of sand instead.

In order to obtain buckets of sandworms, players require at least 30% favour with the Piscarilius House and level 15 Hunter while carrying a spade and empty buckets to hunt sandworms. There is a 58-70% chance of obtaining a bucket of sandworm, depending on the player's Hunter level.

Each bucket holds between 1 and 5 sandworms as anglerfish bait. Players can also hand in at least 5 buckets to Tynan for favour towards the Piscarilius House. Each bucket is worth 0.2% favour on average.


  • Upon release, the rate of successfully obtaining sandworms were 16-27% depending on the player's Hunter level. This was changed to 58-70% in an update on 3 November 2016 after passing a poll.

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