This article is about all the forms of burnt food. For when food stops burning, see Cooking/Burn level.

Burnt food is the result of a normal occurrence when training the Cooking skill. Burning food can happen when the player's Cooking level is not much higher than the level requirement to cook the food. It can also occur if a player cooks food that is already cooked when the burnt food is required for a quest. When cooking, using a range rather than an open fire will decrease the chances of burning it. Most food has a certain cooking level at which it will become impossible to burn. This level requirement is decreased when a player is wearing cooking gauntlets.

Although selling burnt food yields 0gp from general stores, and is untradeable on the Grand Exchange, it can occasionally be sold to player collectors who may pay a lot more.

Types of burnt food

Item Raw version Cooking level Cooked version
Burnt bat Burnt bat Varies 1 Varies
Burnt bread Burnt bread Bread dough 1 Bread
Burnt chicken Burnt chicken Raw chicken 1 Cooked chicken
Burnt fish (Chambers of Xeric) Burnt fish Varies 1 Varies
Burnt meat Burnt meat Raw meat 1 Cooked meat
Burnt shrimp Burnt shrimp Raw shrimp 1 Shrimp
Burnt herring Burnt fish Raw herring/Raw mackerel 5 Herring/Mackerel
Burnt sardine Burnt fish Raw sardine 5 Sardine
Burnt potato Burnt potato Potato 7 Baked potato
Burnt crunchies Burnt crunchies Raw crunchies 10 Half baked crunchy
Burnt fish (anchovies) Burnt fish Raw anchovies 10 Anchovies
Burnt pie Burnt pie Raw pies 10 Pies
Burnt bird meat Burnt bird meat Raw bird meat 11 Roast bird meat
Burnt snail Burnt snail Snail 12 Snail meat
Burnt egg Burnt egg Uncooked egg 13 Scrambled egg
Burnt rabbit Burnt rabbit Skewered rabbit 16 Roast rabbit
Burnt spider Burnt spider Spider on stick 16 Spider on stick
Spider on shaft (burnt) Spider on shaft (burnt) Spider on shaft 16 Spider on shaft
Burnt fish Burnt fish Raw cod/Raw pike/Raw trout/Raw salmon 18 Cod/Pike/Trout/Salmon
Burnt batta Burnt batta Raw batta 20 Half baked batta
Burnt beast meat Burnt beast meat Raw beast meat 21 Roast beast meat
Burnt crab meat Burnt crab meat [1] Crab meat 21 Cooked crab meat
Burnt stew Burnt stew Uncooked stew 25 Stew
Burnt eel Burnt eel Slimy eel 28 Cooked slimy eel
Burnt sweetcorn Burnt sweetcorn Sweetcorn 28 Cooked sweetcorn
Burnt bass Burnt fish Raw bass/Raw tuna 30 Bass/Tuna
Burnt gnomebowl Burnt gnomebowl Raw gnomebowl 30 Half baked bowl
Burnt karambwan Burnt karambwan Raw karambwan 30 Cooked karambwan
Ruined chompy Ruined chompy Raw chompy 30 Cooked chompy
Burnt fishcake Burnt fishcake[1] Raw fishcake 31 Cooked fishcake
Burnt pizza Burnt pizza Uncooked pizza 35 Pizza
Burnt rainbow fish Burnt rainbow fish Raw rainbow fish 35 Rainbow fish
Burnt cave eel Burnt cave eel Raw cave eel 38 Cave eel
Burnt cake Burnt cake Uncooked cake 40 Cake
Burnt lobster Burnt lobster Raw lobster 40 Lobster
Burnt jubbly Burnt jubbly Raw jubbly 41 Cooked jubbly
Burnt onion Burnt onion Chopped onion 42 Fried onions
Burnt swordfish Burnt swordfish Raw swordfish 45 Swordfish
Burnt mushroom Burnt mushroom Sliced mushrooms 46 Fried mushrooms
Burnt oomlie Burnt oomlie Raw oomlie 50 None
Burnt oomlie wrap Burnt oomlie wrap Wrapped oomlie 50 Oomlie wrap
Burnt pitta bread Burnt pitta bread[2] Pitta dough 58 Pitta bread
Burnt stew Burnt curry Uncooked curry 60 Curry
Burnt monkfish Burnt monkfish Raw monkfish 62 Monkfish
Snake over-cooked Snake over-cooked[1] Raw stuffed snake 70 Stuffed snake
Burnt shark Burnt shark Raw shark 80 Shark
Burnt sea turtle Burnt sea turtle Raw sea turtle 82 Sea turtle
Burnt anglerfish Burnt anglerfish Raw anglerfish 84 Anglerfish
Burnt dark crab Burnt dark crab Raw dark crab 90 Dark crab
Burnt manta ray Burnt manta ray Raw manta ray 91 Manta ray
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  • Ruined chompy and Snake over-cooked are the only types of burnt food not prefixed with 'burnt'.
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