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Bush seed refers to any seed used to grow bushes with the Farming skill. They are planted in a bush patch by using one bush seed on any patch. With the exception of poison ivy berries, bushes are also susceptible to disease.

When fully grown, its health must be checked before harvesting. Like fruit trees, calquat trees and cacti, bushes will continue to produce after harvesting. To remove a bush, use a spade on it to dig it up after harvesting. The yield scales with Farming level, with the minimum always being four unless harvested again before it has regrown all berries (within approximately 80 minutes).

List of bush seeds

Level Seed Price Protection Growth time [1] Experience Uses
Farmer Plant Check health Harvest per berry Total [2]
10 Redberry seed 5.png
Redberry seed
1 Empty sack.png
Cabbages×4 [3]
5×20 mins 11.5 64 4.5 120.5
22 Cadavaberry seed 5.png
Cadavaberry seed
1 Tomatoes(5).png
Tomatoes×3 [4]
6×20 mins 18 102.5 7 190.5
36 Dwellberry seed 5.png
Dwellberry seed
2 Strawberries(5).png
Strawberries×3 [4]
7×20 mins 31.5 177.5 12 329
48 Jangerberry seed 5.png
Jangerberry seed
2 Watermelon.png
8×20 mins 50.5 284.5 19 525
59 Whiteberry seed 5.png
Whiteberry seed
4 Mushroom.png
Bittercap mushroom×8
8×20 mins 78 437.5 29 805.5
70 Poison ivy seed 5.png
Poison ivy seed
18 N/A [5] 8×20 mins 120 675 45 1,245
  1. N×20 mins means the crop will grow a little for each 20 minutes. This happens N times until it is fully grown.
  2. Assuming 10 berries are picked. The amount of berries can range between 5–20 on average depending on Farming level.
  3. All sacks required must be filled with 10 harvests.
  4. 4.0 4.1 All baskets required must be filled with 5 harvests.
  5. Poison ivy will never become diseased.