Byrne's coronation speech detail

Byrne's coronation speech is a scroll found in the Arceuus House Library in Great Kourend. Customers in the library may ask the player to provide the scroll for them, after which the player is rewarded with 2.5% Arceuus House favour and a book of arcane knowledge. The location of the scroll is random, and changes every 80-100 minutes.

If the scroll is dropped inside the Library, it will disappear. This is most likely to prevent the player from obtaining multiple copies in order to gain favour quicker by having the scroll readily available after a customer asks for it.


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Our freedom is not without cost. Many died and much has been destroyed. Yet more needs to be destroyed before we can heal the wounds of this past century. All icons and imagery that betray our freedom must be cast down. Not only cast down but resurrected also. Resurrected as symbols of freedom, hope, and warning!

My friends, my people, we start a journey today. A most difficult journey. We must rebuild much of what has been destroyed, our houses, our farms and our temples. We must rebuild more than just buildings. We must rebuild our friendships, our memories and our understanding of freedom. We must remember what hope is, what hope means and dare to imagine what hope can bring.

We have the chance to create a great future, make Kourend great once more! Together we can achieve anything and we must be together to progress. Forget your rivalries, forget past grievances and forget them you must. Only with a clear mind and unified approach can we achieve our deserved future.

Forward as one!

Speech of King Byrne I on the occasion of his coronation

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