This article is about a sack of cabbages. For the vegetable, see Cabbage.

Cabbages is a sack that contains between one and ten cabbages. If a player has an empty sack in their inventory and clicks on it while cabbages are also in the inventory up to ten cabbages will be placed in the sack. To remove cabbages from the sack requires right clicking the sack of cabbages and selecting the menu option that removes one cabbage at a time.

Sacks can be bought from many farming shops, such as the one in the chicken farm north-east of Rimmington. A maximum of ten cabbages can be put into a sack. Once ten cabbages are in the sack and a player tries to put more, it will be full. This works the same way with onions and potatoes, but cabbages from Draynor Manor will not go into the sack.

Note that cabbages will go into an empty sack before onions or potatoes if a player has cabbages in their inventory. As such it is recommended to 'use' the sack on an onion or potato if the player wants a sack of either of those instead. After placing the selected vegetable in an empty sack the player can click on the partially full sack of vegetables to continue filling it.

The number of cabbages in the sack will be shown in brackets in the items name e.g. "cabbages (10)".

Two full sacks of cabbages can be paid to a farmer to tend a growing allotment of tomatoes and ensure that it successfully grows to maturity.

These sacks cannot be brought into the marketplace in Zanaris to bring more Cabbage into the area, due to the market's security rules.

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