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Clean cadantine is a high level herb. It is used to make super defence potions at level 66 Herblore. Players can obtain it by cleaning a Grimy cadantine at level 65 Herblore, which gives 12.5 Herblore experience for cleaning. When used in conjunction with White berries it makes a super defence potion which gives 150 Herblore experience. Chaos druids are mainly killed to get cadantine drops. Aberrant spectres also drop cadantine herbs often.


Potion/item Level Second
XP Effect/usage
Super defence(3).png Super defence

Herblore icon.png 66

White berries 150 Boost skill: Defence, by 15% + 5
Bastion potion(3).png Bastion potion

Herblore icon.png 80

Wine of zamorak 155 Boosts Defence, by 15% + 5 and boosts Ranged by 10% + 4
(Made in a Vial of blood instead of water.)
Battlemage potion(3).png Battlemage potion

Herblore icon.png 80

Potato cactus 155 Boosts Defence by 15% + 5 and Magic by 4
(Made in a Vial of blood instead of water.)