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The table below lists the profit (or loss) made from buying pizza ingredients and selling the pizzas. Plain pizza can be burned until Cooking level 68, which means that the amount of profit is diminished for player with lower levels. Remember that incomplete and uncooked pizza can't be traded.


In this calculation table it is assumed that the player buys pizza bases, cheese and tomatoes from other players and that the toppings for the pizzas are bought pre-made, so that the topping can be added without undergoing any process.

Pizza Level Topping Total cost of ingredients GE value Total Profit XP Profit per XP
Plain pizza Plain 35 N.a. 359 566 207 143 1.45
Meat pizza Meat 45 Cooked meat Cooked meat 416 485 69 169 0.41
Anchovy pizza Anchovy 55 Anchovies Anchovies 451 687 236 182 1.3
Pineapple pizza Pineapple 65 Pineapple ring Pineapple ring 475 801 326 188 1.73
Pineapple pizza Pineapple 65 Pineapple chunks Pineapple chunks 601 801 200 188 1.06

Topping preparation

This calculator calculates if it is profitable to prepare the ingredients for the pizzas instead of buying them at the guided price on the Grand Exchange.

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