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The calquat tree is a tree which can be grown using the farming skill.

To grow this tree, a calquat tree seed and level 72 Farming is required. The patch for planting calquats is located in Tai Bwo Wannai. To protect the tree from disease while growing, one may pay Imiago 8 Poison ivy berries. Note that players must have completed Jungle Potion to do this.

A fully grown calquat tree produces 6 calquat fruit. The calquat tree patch can be emptied by digging it up with a spade.

The calquat tree is often considered an ideal plant for training Farming due to the low price of a Calquat sapling and large amounts of experience gained. However, the tree's long growth time and the fact that there is only one patch for it to grow in limits its overall effectiveness.

Seed Level Location Plant XP Pay Farmer Time to Grow (min) Check Health XP Harvest XP Produce
Calquat tree seed 5.png Calquat tree seed 72 Special - Tai Bwo Wannai 129.5 8 Poison ivy berries[1] 1280 (21.3 hours, Can take up to 74 hours if not protected due to disease) 12,096 48.5 Calquat fruit
  1. Requires completion of the Jungle Potion quest.