Cam the Camel chathead

Cam the Camel is one of several camels in Al Kharid and appears on both free-to-play and member worlds, although only members can converse with her if they are equipped with a Camulet She can be found to the North of the city, standing North east of the Al Kharid oasis.

If you have a Camulet equipped while you talk to Cam, you can select an option to 'talk about dung'. After a while dung will appear on the ground and can be picked up by using a bucket on it.

Treasure Trails

Cam is the solution to the hard anagram clue: ACE MATCH ELM. She will ask you to complete a Puzzle box.

She is also the solution to the elite anagram clue: MACHETE CLAM. The solution to the elite anagram clue is 6.


  • Cam will still give you puzzle boxes, clue scrolls or treasure even when you're not wearing a Camulet.
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