This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.

The Camelot training room, also known as the "Knight Waves Training Grounds", is an activity located on the top floor of Link to Camelot Camelot Castle. Players must have completed the Link to King's Ransom King's Ransom quest to enter. A squire standing outside the door of the training room will explain how the Training Grounds work.

After completing the training room, players unlock the Link to Chivalry Chivalry (level 60 Skill icon of Prayer, File:Prayer icon.png Prayer and 65 Skill icon of Defence, File:Defence icon.png Defence) and Link to Piety Piety (level 70 Prayer and 70 Defence) prayers.

You have to fight a total of eight tough knights (all over level 100) who each will drain certain Link to combat combat stats. You cannot use Skill icon of Prayer, File:Prayer icon.png Prayer, Skill icon of Ranged, File:Ranged icon.png Ranged or Skill icon of Magic, File:Magic icon.png Magic within the Training Ground.

Camelot training room safe spot

You can wait until the health bar disappears, hit, and then return to the safespot and repeat until the knight dies.

One easy method of completing this minigame is to bring a Link to Poison poisoned Dragon dagger dragon dagger (preferably Item image of %7B%7B%3AWeapon+poison%28%2B%2B%29%7D%7D, File:Weapon poison(++).png p++), and just poison each knight and hide behind the Link to Dummy dummies until the knights are weakened or killed by the poison.

Restore potion(1) Stat restore potions are VITAL, especially to restore your Defence because some knights can lower your Defence extremely fast, and as your Defence is lowered, they have an even higher chance of lowering your Defence and, therefore, allowing other knights to fight you with lowered Defence.

NOTE: If you feel like you cannot win, it's better to let yourself die within the training ground because all stats and run energy are restored upon death, and because that way you don't have to start over at the first knight.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave the training room via door. It WILL reset your wave back to first one. If you die, you go back to the knight you left off on.

The Knight Waves

Wave Knight Level Hitpoints Weak against Stat(s) lowered
1 Sir Bedivere Sir Bedivere 110 90 Slash attacks Strength
2 Sir Pelleas Sir Pelleas 112 99 Slash attacks Defence
3 Sir Tristram Sir Tristram 115 105 Stab attacks Strength
4 Sir Palomedes Sir Palomedes 118 100 Crush attacks Attack
5 Sir Lucan Sir Lucan 120 105 Crush attacks Defence, Attack
6 Sir Gawain Sir Gawain 122 110 Stab attacks Attack
7 Sir Kay Sir Kay 124 110 Crush attacks Defence
8 Sir Lancelot Sir Lancelot 127 115 Slash attacks Defence, Strength


Warning: Important! Magic, Ranged, and Prayer will not work!

A safe method to kill the knights is to hide behind the Link to dummy dummy while positioning the knight to be diagonally across from you and behind the dummy. This way, you can run up to the knight and hit him without fear of retaliation as long as you run back behind the dummy (i.e. Link to flinching flinching). A general rule of thumb on when it's safe to hit the knight is when the knight's health bar disappears. Using the Dragon dagger Dragon dagger (p++) Link to Special attacks special with this method is a good way to take down the knight's health.

Note: The Knights will respawn if you take too long to kill them, especially with this method.

If you are going to fight the knights head on, you would need Item image of %7B%7B%3Amonkfish%7D%7D, File:monkfish.png monkfish, Item image of %7B%7B%3Ashark%7D%7D, File:shark.png sharks or better. The knights can hit very high, up to 29 for the final knight. Keep in mind that there are 4 Skill icon of Defence, File:Defence icon.png Defence-lowering knights, 3 Skill icon of Strength, File:Strength icon.png Strength-lowering knights, and 3 Skill icon of Attack, File:Attack icon.png Attack-lowering knights. With 70 Attack, 65 Strength and 65 Defence, a good strategy would be to bring a Link to whip whip and fill your inventory with 2 Combat potion(1) Combat potions, 4 Saradomin brew(1) Saradomin brews, 4 Restore potion(1) Restore potions, a Dragon dagger Dragon dagger and the rest with Item image of %7B%7B%3Amonkfish%7D%7D, File:monkfish.png monkfish or Item image of %7B%7B%3Ashark%7D%7D, File:shark.png shark.


  • Restore potion(1) Restore potions are recommended over Super restore(1) Super restore potions because you can't use prayer.
  • Take multiple Restore potion(1) Restores, Saradomin brew(1) Saradomin brews, and Combat potion(1) Combat potions if you plan on fighting the knights head on; however, this is not needed if you plan to use the aforementioned method involving the Link to Dummy dummies.
  • Item image of %7B%7B%3ALobster%7D%7D, File:Lobster.png Lobsters or Item image of %7B%7B%3Aswordfish%7D%7D, File:swordfish.png swordfish are good enough for the minigame if you plan on using the dummy method (assuming around at least 65+ Link to Combat Combat stats). If you are not confident in your combat stats or plan on fighting them head on, use Item image of %7B%7B%3AShark%7D%7D, File:Shark.png sharks.
  • Link to Dharok the Wretched's equipment Dharok's set works very well in this minigame if you Link to Flinching hit-and-run behind the dummies, although risky if you have bad timing or lag.
  • A Link to Poison poisoned Dragon dagger dragon dagger works especially well due to the damage the Link to Special attacks special attack can provide and the poison's ability to whittle down the knights.
  • Exploiting each knight's weakness is very effective. Taking a weapon (or multiple) capable of performing each Link to Combat Options attack style and switching to match your current opponent's weakness will show a noticeable improvement over simply using one attack style.
  • Link to Guthan the Infested's equipment Guthan's is HIGHLY recommended. Item image of %7B%7B%3AGuthan%27s+warspear%7D%7D, File:Guthan's warspear.png Guthan's spear has every combat style that the knights are weak to. With 70+ Link to Melee Melee stats, the fight is a breeze. Be prepared to eat food if your Skill icon of Hitpoints, File:Hitpoints icon.png HP drops below 30. A recommended inventory would be four Restore potion(1) Restore potions, two Super combat potion(1) Super combat potion(4)s, and the rest of your inventory with food, Item image of %7B%7B%3AMonkfish%7D%7D, File:Monkfish.png Monkfish or better.


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