Camulet detail

Camulet is a reward from Enakhra's Lament. When equipped, its wearer can speak to certain camels throughout the Kharidian desert.

The Camulet has four teleports to the desert, near Lazim underground.

To recharge the Camulet, players must use a bucket of Camel dung.

If 1,000,000 gold is given to Lazim, he can enhance the Camulet to allow unlimited charges. (after the quest Lazim is in the dungeon on the 2nd floor. You can get back into the dungeon by a secret entrance a bit east of the hole where the statue fell at the quest start)

If you lose your Camulet, you can retrieve it by speaking with Lazim. Multiple Camulets may be obtained using the drop trick method, but when a charge on one is consumed it is subtracted from all Camulets in the player's possession.

Players can teleport to the cave entrance if the Hard Desert Diary is complete.

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