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The candle lantern is a type of members-only light source used in the Firemaking skill. It can be obtained as a drop from a cave bug, through Crafting, or through trading. Candle lanterns can also be obtained by looting an eclectic impling that has been caught. They cannot be traded whilst lit.

To make a candle lantern, the player must first have an unlit white candle, an empty candle lantern (made from Molten glass), and at least level 4 Firemaking. The player places the white candle in the lantern frame and lights it, using a tinderbox. No experience is received when lighting a candle lantern.

The empty candle lantern can be filled with a black candle to give a black candle lantern.

Candle lanterns are highly unused and not recommended for the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, as they have a high chance of igniting the swamp gas, which will cause an explosion. The preferred alternative is a bullseye lantern, although if that is not available then an oil lantern will suffice.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Eclectic impling N/A 1 3; Uncommon


  • There are two items called candle lantern in-game with the same examine information. One lantern is filled with the white candle and the other is filled with the black candle.

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